Referral form for sleep study

If you think you may have a sleep disorder, please download the referral form here and bring it to your doctor for a consultation.

Booking process

Contact us on +08 7095 9320 and let us discuss and develop your tailored sleep experience

Check-in process

On the night of your sleep study, please present to 300 Wakefield St (Corner of Daly St and Wakefield St) at your assigned check in time (19:00h (7:00pm) / 19:15h (7:15pm) / 19:30h (7:30pm) for check in.
Please call us on +08 7095 9320 when you arrive at the front doors (as they are locked),and a sleep technician will let you into the building. There is ample street parking around the site which is free during the time of your admission.

IMPORTANT: If you are using Sat Nav or your phone to navigate to The Oasis Adelaide on the night of the study, please ensure that you set your destination as the corner of Daly St and Wakefield St.

At the Oasis, our staff will take your personal details and ask you to pay your accommodation fee. You will be shown to your private room and explained the finer details of the procedure where you can ask any further questions you may have.

What do I need to bring?

  • Please note that we do not provide/prescribe/administer any medications during your sleep study. As such please ensure you bring all your usual medications with you and administer themyourself as you would normally do at home at their normal times. A couple of PanadolTM or equivalent is also handy
  • Your Medicare card and credit card (you will need to pay the accommodation fee upon arrival)
  • We provide organic toiletries and hairdryer but you may wish to bring your shaving kit (if desired)
  • Comfortable sleeping attire – two piece pyjamas or a t-shirt and shorts are ideal as sensors need to be attached to the chest. A nightie is not ideal for the sleep study.
  • Optional – Your pillow. We provide a choice of pillows but you may prefer your own
  • If you are already using CPAP, please bring your mask and tubing. If it is an assessment of the effectiveness of your current CPAP or BIPAP machine, please bring that in as well.
  • If it is an assessment of your dental mouth splint, mouth guard or other therapeutic device, please bring it with you

  • If you are unsure what to bring, feel free to call us:+08 7095 9320 or email us:

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    Street parking is available along Daly Street and Ifould Street.