At The Oasis, our mission is clear: to redefine the Level 1 sleep study experience and set a new benchmark for excellence.

Welcome to The Oasis Sleep & Wellness Centre, where we redefine the realm of Level 1 sleep studies. As the gold standard in sleep diagnostics, Level 1 sleep studies play a pivotal role in assessing a comprehensive spectrum of sleep disorders. At The Oasis | Adelaide, we have taken this fundamental concept and elevated it to new heights, creating an environment that specifically addresses many of the issues currently experienced in hospital sleep study environments.

In addition to elevating the sleep study experience which leads to better outcomes for our patients, operating outside a hospital environment also means its access is not limited to those with private health insurance but available to anyone with a Medicare card. In the years of operating hospital-based and home-based sleep clinics, we witnessed firsthand the frustration patients experienced when they could not access an essential Level 1 sleep study because they did not have sufficient private health insurance to attend a private sleep laboratory but also could not afford to wait the many months experienced by those sent to a public hospital sleep laboratory. The Oasis | Adelaide serves to bridge the gap by opening up an additional pathway and provide accessibility to all patients requiring an essential sleep study.

For patients with private health cover who would like to take advantage of this fact or for patients who feel more comfortable in a hospital setting due to current medical issues, we also offer The Oasis | Private at North Eastern Community Hospital.

Not sure which pathway would be right for you? Find out the benefits of each pathway and how you can access each offering.

Our doctor

Dr. Saul Gilbert

Saul completed a PhD in human circadian physiology in 2003 and has gone on to manage sleep laboratories in private hospitals across metropolitan Adelaide. Saul continues his interest in research and currently holds adjunct research positions at the University of South Australia and Central Queensland University.

As managing director of the The Oasis Adelaide, Saul brings over 25 years of research and clinical experience in sleep psychophysiology. With the increasing awareness of the importance of sleep and its impact on many aspects of our increasingly complex daily lives, Saul believes that sleep units are in a unique position to offer expert advice on, and access to, relevant emerging technological solutions to our increasingly complex multifactorial sleep and lifestyle problems.

Mun Whye Choy

He founded The Oasis with Mun Whye Choy in the belief that by combining their respective skills and experience they could offer a unique sleep experience that traversed disciplines and offered the holistic and person-centered care that was desperately missing from the current sleep landscape.

Setting a new standard: Redefining the sleep study experience

The Oasis | Adelaide offers Level 1 sleep testing like other sleep labs. However, by drawing on the art of sleep science and sleep hygiene practises , we have created an environment to optimise comfort and tranquility to ensure our patients sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed for an unparalleled sleep study experience

The ultimate sleep habitat

Our facility is meticulously crafted to provide an environment that caters to all senses. From the soothing ambience, comfortable bedding, and hotel-like luxury accommodation, we have created the perfect sleep-inducing atmosphere for the best results.