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APRIL 10, 2024

Immediate Adelaide Sleep Studies | No Waiting Required!

Sick of long wait times? The Oasis are proud to offer Level One sleep studies with no wait times, allowing you to start your journey to better sleep without delay.


APRIL 09, 2024

5 Strange Things That Happen While You Sleep

Dr. Saul Gilbert, Adelaide Sleep Scientist and Managing Director of The Oasis, provides us with exclusive insights into the mysterious world of sleep. Here’s a glimpse into his interview with SA Move, The RAA Magazine.


APRIL 08, 2024

Adelaide CPAP Trials and Services at The Oasis

Are you struggling to get a good night's sleep in Adelaide? Look no further. At The Oasis Sleep and Wellness Centre, we specialise in CPAP services and sleep studies to help you reclaim restful nights and energy.


APRIL 05, 2024

Sleep Apnea, Obesity, and Diabetes | The Link

Obesity and OSA share a strong association, with about 70% of OSA patients being obese, and nearly half of obese individuals experiencing OSA. Adelaide based Lab Manager and Principal Sleep Scientist, Dr Saul Gilbert, delves into this growing issue.


APRIL 04, 2024

Adelaide Sleep Study Revolution | Fresh Take, Zero Wait

For far too long, patients have faced barriers to obtaining essential Level 1 sleep studies, often caught between the constraints of private health insurance and the lengthy waiting periods of public hospital facilities.


NOVEMBER 28, 2023

Innovations in Sleep & Health at The Oasis | Adelaide

At The Oasis | Adelaide, we not only utilise the latest technological and research innovations to optimise the practises for our patients, we are also participating in current cutting-edge research aimed at activating emerging technology to improve our...